Saturday, January 4, 2014

Doc's Q'N Pit Truck!

We, at the seldom posting blog site "Thank God It's Taco Trucks," have come out of obscurity to recommend the new kid on the block, Doc's Q'N Pit truck. Located in Modesto's Taco Truck row on 8th Street between I and H, this truck does not disappoint. They are there for lunch & dinner Tuesday though Saturday.

Most food trucks in Modesto are of the Mexican variety. There is an untested Asian wagon over on Kansas and also the cupcake lady and now Doc's Q'N Pit truck is here. As an outreach arm of Doc's actual restaurant HERE, the truck offers a nice change of pace downtown.

We really like it. And while it is a bit more expensive than a normal trip to a taco truck, you'll find the extra cash is so worth it. And you don't even need cash! Doc's truck comes equipped with a card reader and saves you the hassle of needing cash. You can eat well for about $6 - $8 bucks and you can eat REALLY well by paying a bit more. Having been there a few times, we have managed to stay in the $7 range and leave full and satisfied.

This is no photoshopped food. The offerings really look like this and taste even better.

All items come with these options of delicious sauces. Medium is hot enough. Hot really is hot and...well, let's just say, the names are appropriate.

The seating area is nice with comfy chairs. While not an official "taco truck", Doc's has come up with a way to attract a taco loving crowd with the ingenious creation of the...

SOUL BROTHA TACO! This is what it's all about! Pulled pork, tri-tip or BBQed chicken on tortilla with your choice of sauce and cole slaw! They are smaller than a normal taco truck taco and cost $1.50 but they are sooooooo worth it!

Really. We're serious. It's really, really good. Doc's Q'N Pit gets 4 out of five tacos.

Friday, August 26, 2011

It's been over a year....

Our taco blog, Thank God, it's Taco Trucks (or TGITT) has been on hiatus for quite a while...mainly due to the fact that one of our contributing reviewers has been out of the country for quite some time.  But, I think I found a willing, temporary replacment...

 Oh yeah...he's willing!

 We're here to report that the lovely Tacos El Maguey is still up and running and delicious

Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Tale of Two Taco Trucks

Well, it's been awhile since we've posted a review. Sorry but life and Thailand have gotten in the way of us eating at taco trucks. We even had a review all ready of a truck down on B street between 7th and 9th but Aaron has all the pictures on his phone that he lost on his surprise, month long trip to Thailand.

That truck on B street...

was really no good. I can't remember the name and they aren't there anymore anyway. They pulled us in with their promise of 75 cent tacos (especial of the day...everyday) and they shooed us away with their dry, tasteless burritos, gristley meat and warm soda.

On to better things...

Tacos El Maguey way out Yosemite Ave not far from our new church! You can find it at the corner of Yosemite Blvd and Riverside here...

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If you're going there (and you should), enter from the Riverside side.

Chris: Unlike the google view above, there is no construction going on there now and the lovely people at Tacos El Maguey have made their truck a lovely place to come to.

Flowers and other plants adorn the perimeter of the shade shelter, the seating is's a nice little place to be.

Chris: My chicken taco was delicious, simmered in a unique sauce with onions and put me in mind of Adobo sauce (dark red earthy flavored sauce) which, in my experience, is not usually found in taco truck food. It was not too dry and not too wet and had a great flavor. The tortillas had a homemade taste. I loved my taco!

Aaron: I had ordered my standard for such reviews, a beef burrito. The lady who took my order was polite, but no-nonsense. This gave me a good feeling about this place. She's obviously focused on delivering high-quality Mexican food.

The burrito, which was ready in a very timely fashion despite the busyness of the place, was of average taco truck size, and came with a large amount of sliced jalepeños, radishes (if you like that sort of thing) and lime slices. It was delightfully surprising, with a sweetness I could not quite place. Theoretically, it was this "Adobo" sauce Chris speaks of, though further investigation on my part may be required.

Chris: I had a bite of Aaron's burrito which surprised me with that same great flavor nestled there in the rice...mmmmmm!

I heard more than a few of the "regulars" step up to the window and order Lengua (tongue) in their taco or burrito. This blog will never speak of such things from experience as we are strictly regular sorts of meat guys, but if you're that kind of adventurous type (and don't mind having your food taste you), from the buzz I heard around the truck, this might be a place to try.

Chris: Prices were competitive and they even had a 50 cent more "more meat" option which is nice.

Aaron: All in all, this truck was a welcome surprise, especially after our last experience at 9th and B. I would very much like to provide a 'part two' to this review (or at least an addendum) and try the chicken burrito. This place is everything you want in a taco truck.

A & C: For a nice sitting area and tasty chicken and the surprise unique flavor, we're going 4 out of 5 tacos for Tacos El Maguey.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Onward and upward

Well, it's not Friday but... "Thank God, It's Taco Trucks!" In this entry, we have a guest reviewer...recording artist and California legend, Justin Fox! After Justin's concert in Modesto, he went with us to another local legend, Tacos Vallarta located at the corner of 14th and D Streets in Downtown Modesto right next to Tires Vallarta. That's right, this is a tire shop/taco truck. Here we go...

Chris: It was a chilly night late in April and we eagerly awaited our tacos, willing to face the cold for taco goodness. There's Justin there on the left next to Aaron and my son Josh, that's the rest of my family on the right.

Justin: "I was excited."

Aaron: I had a certain expectation of glory.

Chris: The prices are standard. They have a more expensive burrito option if you want it really big. But otherwise, there's nothing surprising about the menu.

Aaron: It is a little more than some trucks but it is well worth it.

Justin: "good size chicken pieces in the tacos and you get a free lunch with the purchase of 4 tires. You can't beat that."

Chris: This place always has people waiting for food. It is good. At Vallarta, the name of the game is chicken. Many taco trucks serve boiled chicken that's kinda wet. Vallarta grills the chicken so it has a very pleasing texture...crispy and good.

Aaron: Size is good and is not bloated or weighed down by grease. It leaves you feeling satisfied without feeling sick. It's smooth but bold, daring yet inviting. The red sauce pulls you in by the collars, lays a wet sloppy one on you and you know you'll never be the same She's bold, but oh so elegant. Always elegant.

Justin: "spicy sauce, intricate complexities. The extra little things like...radishes are worth noting."

Chris: It's also a very family friendly environment. Nice place to sit.

Aaron: We saw our librarian there. That's saying something. I don't know what it's saying, but I know it's good.

Justin: "The wooden tables were a nice height. The drive into the parking lot is a four wheeling experience of adventure with the possibility of finding hidden treasure."

So for a delicious taco truck experience, a kind staff and the option to get new tires if you wanted to, we at TGITT give Tacos Vallarta 4 out of 5 tacos

And for that sweet red sauce, we'll throw on another half! Thanks Vallarta and special thanks to Justin Fox, driving down a highway and singing in a church near you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Where it all begins.

This is a taco truck located on Crows Landing Rd. in Modesto, California. There are several "Jessica" trucks in our city. This is #4. There are usually two down on 6th street across from Crescent Supply and there is one mysteriously out of rotation at all times. Different "Jessica's" turn up in different places. This is a great truck to use as our first post on TGITT. This is both my (Chris) and Aaron's first truck experience here. Let's get into it.

What makes this truck unique is that it is the best of both Central Valley Mexican food is a truck parked next to a building. The food is made in the truck. You eat it in the building. It's here in this building...Google caught it before it became a Taqueria...

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Aaron: By the way, "XV Añera Elegante" ironically translates roughly to, "Oh my lord these burritos are awesome!"
Chris: Burritos from Tacos Jessica are among my very favorites. My brother-in-law introduced me to these when I first came to Modesto. They are really my first love in taco truck eating. How do these at the "taqueria" stack up?

Chris: They are BIG. Jessica burritos have always weighed in as one of the biggest and this was the biggest Jessica burrito I think I've ever seen. Hot and full of meat and gooey goodness.

Aaron: They are BIG, and honor the name of Jessica. No filler here.

What about value?

Chris: The burritos here are .50 more than the other Jessicas but way bigger and in an air conditioned building. I think this has something to do with the price hike. Also notice, the tacos (big and meaty as ever) are only .50 each. Industry standard is $1.00!

How about taste?

Chris: I think these pictures are self-explanatory. There wasn't a lot of talkin' going on around that table...

Aaron: Let me explain these pictures. They are of us, eating burritos in the Tacos Jessica "Truckeria".

Concensus: For over all deliciousness, largeness, great prices and pretty good atmosphere to boot, we all gave Jessica #4 on Crows Landing Road, 4 out of 5 tacos.

This being our first review, all future trucks will have some big burrito foils to fill, and we may never experience a 'five out of five' taco truck on this side of heaven, but it's all about the journey.

Good on ya Jessica, you'll always be our first lady of taco and burrito delights.