Saturday, January 4, 2014

Doc's Q'N Pit Truck!

We, at the seldom posting blog site "Thank God It's Taco Trucks," have come out of obscurity to recommend the new kid on the block, Doc's Q'N Pit truck. Located in Modesto's Taco Truck row on 8th Street between I and H, this truck does not disappoint. They are there for lunch & dinner Tuesday though Saturday.

Most food trucks in Modesto are of the Mexican variety. There is an untested Asian wagon over on Kansas and also the cupcake lady and now Doc's Q'N Pit truck is here. As an outreach arm of Doc's actual restaurant HERE, the truck offers a nice change of pace downtown.

We really like it. And while it is a bit more expensive than a normal trip to a taco truck, you'll find the extra cash is so worth it. And you don't even need cash! Doc's truck comes equipped with a card reader and saves you the hassle of needing cash. You can eat well for about $6 - $8 bucks and you can eat REALLY well by paying a bit more. Having been there a few times, we have managed to stay in the $7 range and leave full and satisfied.

This is no photoshopped food. The offerings really look like this and taste even better.

All items come with these options of delicious sauces. Medium is hot enough. Hot really is hot and...well, let's just say, the names are appropriate.

The seating area is nice with comfy chairs. While not an official "taco truck", Doc's has come up with a way to attract a taco loving crowd with the ingenious creation of the...

SOUL BROTHA TACO! This is what it's all about! Pulled pork, tri-tip or BBQed chicken on tortilla with your choice of sauce and cole slaw! They are smaller than a normal taco truck taco and cost $1.50 but they are sooooooo worth it!

Really. We're serious. It's really, really good. Doc's Q'N Pit gets 4 out of five tacos.